Ara Studio

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Ara greeted the world with its exquisite selection of handmade, designer clutches in December 2014. It has, since then, charmed its audiences, and kept them coming back for more.

Ara, however, began as a childhood dream shared by two friends attending drawing classes together in the 4th grade. Too young to know what exactly they wanted to do later in life, but old enough to know that they wanted to do it together, Rashmi and Sayli nurtured this dream through their growing up years, as life took them in divergent paths for a while.

Rashmi studied Textile Designing at NIFT Bangalore, and then worked as a graphics designer for a year, while Sayli perfected Product Designing at MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design, Pune, and went on to acquire a Master’s Degree at Nottingham university, London.

The duo then put their heads together and focussed on giving shape to their childhood dream of starting something together. Designing clutches seemed the perfect fit to Sayli’s product designing background and Rashmi’s textile designing experience. And so, Ara was born.

Ara is a concept in high-end, designer clutches that explores fashion accessories for every occasion, for any time of day. Each Ara clutch bag is a work of art, meticulously handcrafted in Ara’s personal studio, and is not bound by season or style trends. It boasts premium materials, quality stitching and hand embroidery to give it that special touch.
Ara delights in personalising clutches to suit your desires. We love indulging your special requests so we can create for you, bespoke clutches that reflect your personality and match your style. We also create elegant clutches to match your bridal wear, and stunning creations to flaunt at weddings and parties. And of course, there’s always the chic casual clutches for business trips, weekends and vacations.
Indulge your dreams, like we’ve indulged ours.