How can we help you?

Question How can I check my order status?
AnswerYou can check your order status by logging into your profile and clicking on orders. If you haven’t created a profile, please leave a mail to us using Contact us option.


Question How do I know that my order is confirmed?
AnswerOnce your order is placed, We’ll send you an email when we confirm your order. You can also check your My Orders page.
Question Can I change my delivery address after I place an order?
AnswerCurrently, we don’t allow to change address once the order is placed.
Question Why is the status on the courier's website different from My Orders?
AnswerThe information in My Orders is accurate and up to date. We will send you an email whenever there is any update on your order.
Question Why is there a delivery date range?
AnswerThe delivery date range allows you to prepare yourself to receive delivery within these dates. Once your item is dispatched, keep tracking it by clicking on ‘Track’ in My Orders.
Question Which courier will deliver my item?
AnswerWe use a network of trustworthy partners based on their speed to pick your item and deliver it to you.
Question Are there shipping and delivery charges for my order?

Shipping and delivery charges may apply depending on the item you purchased, the price and your location. You can find these charges on the item’s information page.

Question What if my package is opened/tampered with?
AnswerIf you feel that your package was opened/tampered with, please contact us via Contact us page within 24 hours with a video of you unboxing the package and we will do the rest.
Question Why did I receive a partial order?

This could be because:

  • You have a single order with many items, that could have been shipped separately
  • You only have a single item order.

If an item is missing from a set or combo, please get in touch with us through Contact below.

Question Does Ara Studio deliver to my location?
AnswerWe deliver across the globe. You will receive your order within 10 days of placing the order in India and 20 days abroad.
Question Delivery was attempted but I was unavailable. What next?
AnswerDo not worry, Our courier will try to attempt to deliver your order over next 2 days. In case you’re unable to respond to our calls, you can submit your query on Contact.
Question The order status is 'Delivered' but I have not received it. What should I do?
AnswerCheck with your neighbor/front desk, etc. if someone accepted the package. If no one accepted delivery, write to us using the ‘contact’ page.
Question What happens to undelivered orders?
AnswerWe attempt delivery many times. If undelivered, we will initiate refund.


Question How can I cancel my order?
AnswerGo to your profile, click  Orders  and tap on order you wish to cancel. Click on CANCEL button. Cancellation is not allowed if the order has been shipped. If you haven’t created a profile, please write to us using Contact page.
Question Why was my order cancelled?
AnswerIf you cancelled your order, the status would show as Order Cancelled. In rare scenario, if Ara Studio cancels your order, the cancellation reason will be mentioned on the Order details page & if you have made pre-payment for the item, we will refund your money back.
Question How will I get a refund for an item I cancelled?

If you’ve already paid for your order, we will refund the money in the original mode of payment. You can also check the status of your refund by writing to us via Contact page.

Question Can I cancel part of my order?
AnswerNo you cannot cancel part of your order.


Question What are the different modes of payment available?

You can use any one of the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Net Banking
  • Cash on Delivery
  • E-Gift cards
  • Wallets

Question My transaction failed but the money is deducted from my account. What should I do?
AnswerDon’t worry, it will be reversed instantly. You can check your account balance to confirm.
Question I opted to save card details. What details are saved?

Ara Studio will only save:

  • Card number
  • Card holder’s name
  • Expiry date of the card

We do not save the CVV number or the 3D secure password.

Question I would like another copy of my invoice. How can I get one?
AnswerPlease write to us using Contact us page with your order no. and we will email you a copy of the invoice.
Question What is the advantage of saving my card details?
AnswerYou can save time on your next orders by opting for express checkout.
Question What are Wallets?
AnswerWallets are an APP based mobile payment solution that helps to make payments from your bank accounts easy and hassle-free.
At Ara Studio, you can make the payment of your order by using anyone of the these wallets Snapcash, Phonepe, Mobikwik and Freecharge.
Question Is it necessary to register with other wallets to use them on Ara Studio?
AnswerIt is not necessary, you can simply click on the ‘Link’ button available on the ‘Make payment’ page and once linked, it will automatically register you with your choice of wallet provider.
Question What is UPI?
AnswerUnified Payments Interface (UPI) is an instant payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), an RBI regulated entity. UPI is built over the IMPS infrastructure and allows you to instantly transfer money between any two parties’ bank accounts.
Question Is UPI secure?
AnswerUPI system is operated by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Since the transactions take place using VPA and without use of bank account details, only NPCI to which account every VPA is linked. Here the banks act as a receiver and sender of the funds. No direct involvement of banks is present in the transactions. It’s the NPCI which does the transaction

Accounts and Alerts

Question I don't remember my password. Help!

Don’t worry! You can always login using your registered email ID.

Follow these steps to login:

  • Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button
  • Enter your registered email ID as your username at the login page
  • Create a new password using the link received on your registered email address.

Question What should I do if I have trouble with logging in?

Try this:

  • Check your login details. Your email address is your username
  • If you forgot your password or it’s not working, use ‘Forgot Password’ button.
  • Ensure that your web browser accepts cookies
  • If the site is down, please log in again after some time

If you are still unable to login, please contact us via Contact.

Question Can Ara Studio use my account without my knowledge?
AnswerNot at all! We ensure that you get a secure and safe shopping environment always.